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Heated Walkway Mats - Residential


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The HeatTrak Snow Melting Walkway Mats are ideal for preventing snow-relating accidents that happen from slipping and falling as it keeps on melting 2 inches of snow every hour.A GFCI Control Unit is required for the Heated Walkway Mats to work.

HeatTrak Residential Snow Melting Walkway Mats are designed to either stand alone or connect with other walkway or stair mats using its own watertight connectors. For example, a total of 5 walkway mats can be connected on a single Power Unit to cover a 25 foot walkway.

  • HeatTrak Heated mats generate heat to melt snow at a rate of 2" per hour leaving the pathway to your home clean and clear 24/7
  • Snow-Melting Stair Mat can be used independently or interconnected with one another to create a continuous system of snow melting mats. 
  • Connect up to 5 Residential Walkway Mats, 15 Residential Stair Mats or any combination thereof (up to 12 amps) on a single Power Unit.


Product Specifications: 

Size:           20 in x 60 in                 
Color:  Black
Thickness:                 1/4 in  
Voltage: 120v or 240v
Wattage: 300 W 
Amps:  2.5 A 
GFCI Trip Level: 6 mA 
Construction: Customized Thermoplastic       
Weight: 14 lbs. 
Watertight Cable Length:         4 in 
Power Source:   HeatTrak GFCI *Not Included        



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