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Commercial Mats include a wide variety of entrance mats that will serve all budgets and performance requirements. Depending on your geographic requirements and seasonality, you may require a combination of outdoor scraper mats and indoor mats to offer best protection against dirt and water entering the building. Entrance Mats are very handy in removing the unwanted dirt and water/snow from entering the building and will definitely help in saving you liability risk due to slipping and falling as well in cleaning costs for your facility. 


Furthermore, we has salon and spa mats that will keep productivity of beauticians and salon workers on an all time high as these mats offer anti-fatigue benefits and improve the morale of employees who have to stand on their feet all day catering to the needs of their clients.


We also offer anti-fatigue mats that are of different varieties like switchboard matting, runner mats, anti-static mats, interlocking mats, workstation mats and mats for wet areas like pools, spas, shower areas, gyms  etc.


Moreover, Canada Mats offer restaurant mats that are great for application like food preparation areas, freezers, cashiers and hostesses as well as for areas that require drainage.


We specialize in chair mats for the office as well and offer a diverse selection of chair mats depending on the flooring that you can put on like low pile, medium pile or hardwood floor. We also offer decorative chair mats that offer the look of an area rug and improve the overall aesthetic feel of the office.