Disinfectant Mats

Lead Time: 3-5 Days

 Disinfectant Mats are effective containment and passive application of liquid disinfectants for any environment.

  • Disinfectant Mats rubber fingers clean shoe souls while solution sanitizes them. This unique double whammy aids in keeping contamination from reaching food processing areas when used at all entrances. Other important locations include doorways to starter rooms, laboratories, cooking kitchens, packaging areas, employee locker rooms, break rooms, refuse areas and receiving rooms…anywhere you want to limit the spread of contamination.
  • Heavy-Duty black rubber is used throughout to stand up to traffic. Solid walls won’t sag or allow solution to run out. 
  • The Disinfectant Mat measures 32” x 39”, which is a convenient size for both cleaning and maintaining. This also fits most doorways. For larger doorways, place two or more mats together.
  • Disinfectant Mats are available in black color.