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Heated Mats

Heated Mats allow you to be more comfortable in cold environments and can save you a lot of money versus energy draining space heaters. Indoor heated mats will make you warm and toasty in cold and chilly environment wherever you have to stand or sit for longer periods of time.
These heated mats offer direct radiant heat to feet and legs which warms up the whole body. Moreover, Canada Mats has a new line of Underfloor heating Mats with radiant heat that can make your home more comfortable during the cold and chilly winter from Nuheat. 

Canada Mats also have a line of HeatTrak and HotFlake snow melting mats that included heated doormats, heated walkway and stair mats both for residential and commercial use. Heated outdoor mats melts up to 2 inches of snow per hour and keep the pathways near your home or business clear. This allows for less maintenance and greatly decreases the chance of slipping and falling. They are ideal for senior homes, commercial buildings, office spaces, children's daycare and even residential homes.